Start Up Cyber Insurance

Start Up Cyber Insurance

Protect your business from the very beginning. Showing your potential customers and investors you have their interests protected with a Cyber Insurance policy can help to grow your business.

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SME Cyber Insurance

SME Cyber Insurance

Did you know 87 percent of small firms surveyed have suffered an online security breach in the previous 12 months? The financial losses associated with cyber crime can be devastating for an SME.

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Large Business Cyber Insurance

Large Business Cyber Insurance

The average cost of a Cyber Security breach for large businesses has been estimated at over £250,000 with a recent UK Government report claiming that 93% of large businesses have suffered some form of breach.

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Cyber Insurance provides specialised protection that is often not included in general liability policies. The list below is complied from the Cyber Insurance market as a whole. Please be aware that cover varies between providers.

Crisis Communication

In the event of a data breach maintaining your reputation is paramount, crisis communication cover provides specialist PR.

Cloud Cover

As software and data moves from physical office networks to the cloud, cloud cover can protect your data held in the cloud.

Intellectual Property

Protecting against claims for intellectual property rights infringement in all forms of content, including user generated.

Cyber Crime

If you are the victim of a malicious act including phishing scams, telephone hacking, identity theft and wire fraud.

Business Interruption

Covering the loss of net profit as a result of an interruption to your business after a cyber attack or network security breach

Regulatory Investigations

Covering the cost of investigations and fines from data protection regulators in the event of a confidential data breach.

Data Loss

Costs associated with data forensics, restoration, recollection and recovery following a security breach or data leak.

Cyber Extortion

If a hacker is threatening to damage your site or network, cyber extortion cover can pay the ransom payment demanded.

Virus Damage

If a virus destroys your system, virus damage insurance covers costs to rebuild your computer systems and restore your data.

Identity Fraud

A hacker has fraudulently used your identity to enter into an agreement. Identity Fraud insurance covers costs incurred.

Specialist Services

If your systems have been compromised, you may require expensive specialist services to assess and repair any damage.

Legal Expenses

Legal Expenses cover provides expenses and advice for a range of IT-related disputes with suppliers and employees.