Who We Are

Every business starts with a question. For us it was:

“Why is Cyber Insurance so complicated?"

“Complicated” is an understatement. As a potential customer trying to take out a policy for one of our businesses, navigating the world of Cyber Insurance was confusing, stressful and felt like you needed a degree in IT to understand what you were buying.

Having spoken to a number of the major insurers about our experiences, we decided to set up CYBERINSURANCE.co.uk as the number one resource for businesses looking to insure themselves against cyber risks. We have a lot of exciting features on the way including the first cyber comparison site and online cyber risk assessments.

This is just the beginning of the journey and we hope you’ll join us.

Our Mission

  • To help businesses find the Cyber Insurance cover they need quickly and easily.
  • To offer the best range of cyber news and industry coverage.
  • To help businesses understand cyber risks and take steps to mitigate them.
  • To be the number one resource for Cyber Insurance.